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Power of Influence

by Sangita Kumar ‘Influence is most likely to come out of the similarity of situations in our life.’

We still follow the values given by our parents and teachers… Ever wondered why? And then we find people different from us we resist being with them or them bringing a change within us.

Ever wondered why? Friends enter our lives we start becoming like them. Start following their style, their mannerisms, values etc.

Ever wondered why?

Look around yourself all people you like to follow are the ones you choose to follow. But the question is, what in them makes us want to follow them? The answer to this is imply that -

We like people because we like to like them’ The influence anyone has on us or we have on anyone else is simply a result of our A.T.L.A.S game

Accepting — I love the way you are and I also love the way I am.

Time Spent — Let us just chat over tea or coffee, go for a walk etc.

Listening — Aur Sunao, Poori Sunao, Sari Sunao, Main Sunrahi Hoon.

Activity — Let’s play along ludo, stapoo, Kaudi, Hide & Seek etc. Sharing — A bit of You to them & A bit of them to You. The power of influence is more likely to increase with increase in the A.T.L.A.S and will decrease with decrease in the A.T.L.A.S.

“People simply enter our life and we start becoming different people because of influence of them. Their being around us, makes us become like them.” Let’s take the present day scenario of “Aaj Kal ke Bache” about whom we can always hear that, it’s hard to get through them or understand what they want. But surprisingly it’s more easy to loop and nurture them alongside with us in our A.T.L.A.S game altogether where we can learn to become “Aaj Kal ke Parents” at the same time.

You will be surprised to see how big an impact and how magnanimous a capacity is the power of influence through these 5 steps of our game of A.T.L.A.S. For many people don’t believe it but it’s comfortable to connect with people who are just like us, but with them we don’t change or grow. As they don’t add value or change to What we already are! To really stretch and develop as a person, we need to intentionally choose close relationship with people whom we admire and want to be like. It’s true for any situation that we can’t force things to grow but we can influence their growth, with our efforts and other forms of care. If we provide the right environment, their’s a lot better chance for healthy growth of not just the relationship with the person but our own selves too.