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Get Over It!

By Shruti Ananya

An empathetic account on how one can feel low and yet won't come out and share it. It's where one to one talking therapy can work wonders. Read on to find out how someone next to you can be going through so much and yet all we say is 'You will get Over it'.

You want to shout out loud but can’t, or talk to anyone you know.

Desperate, Vulnerable, Shattered, Needy, no matter however it may show.

They say it’s a big world out there and yet,

You sit in the corner in your shell as it seems,

You don’t find a safe place to go.

Forgive me for I don’t have a “label” good enough to fit how it feels,

Well! Some wise people helped me out here, as they say you sound “low”, what’s the big deal?

It is not a choice and no way a pleasure,

Not just a phase or anything anyone should try to measure.

Look, it’s ME here amidst the silent chaos,

Standing on something beneath my feet which seems like ground

But where no one stands besides me.

I am talking about the “hot topics” where I am with people, all alone,

I am even laughing which according to you, I shouldn’t be

Even trying out the trending food, posting it on my social media with #bestdayever #mondaystory.

Back home in my comfort nest,

Done for the day *ticks off on my list*,

Pretended well, like a perfect day today as planned.

But look at ME again taking the selfies,

Feeling cold and deprived, even though I carry beneath my hollow self on me, a fancy brand.

That’s it couldn’t lie to myself when it hit me again,

Even after a perfect day, everything seemed so bland.

It is high time I tell them, I felt

Can’t even think of the comments and things I will have to hear,

It’s not about those who don’t but about those who seem to care.

What will I tell them?

That sitting beside them, I am all alone here?

You can’t feel me as I meet you on the surface, always with a smile

Not in the depths where I hide my blue and black pebbles which you can’t see,

You are not with me as they grow, as each day passes by,

Adding to my mounting misery.

Trust me on this as I don’t ask for your sympathy,

Why would I even expect you to understand?

I tried it all you said, nothing worked.

Neither your “get over it” nor your show of hands.

I know now, for the world we believe in

It will be “ME” this way for now,

I won’t be surprised if they judge me when I stop behaving “normally” one day.

Not even when they are “concern” about me and say,

“He seems a “lil” depressed since yesterday, He really does”.

As if my condition is like a topping served in a little amount to me on my cake.

But now, I have an answer for you,

Which on way back to your home where your people are,

On behalf of  me the “depressed” one, you can surely take.

It goes like this, do listen for once if you can,

My Life or your life its neither a choice nor a static plan.

It’s just that you are privileged that you can’t even nearly see,

What it’s like to be like, the ones who are struggling daily like me.

But about times, they change my friend,

So keep in mind and take note.

Understand or at least do try,

To explore the real thing, what it is all about,

And explore exactly how and why?

I didn’t ask for it, but it is happening to me,

Seems like for when the time it reached out to me, it had the authority.

So you never know tomorrow it might be you or that one besides you,

As researches have not really told about the preference or it’s choice of company.

So here take my piece of advice for a change maybe,

Next time rather try listening before telling someone “You will get over it Buddy!!” The Eye Art Work by (Tushar Bist)