Support programs for home-schoolers and special education programs for students with unique educational needs. The programs focus on identifying and nurturing talent for the children who prefer to do many things at a time. 

Guidance is offered in child registration in The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). 


Our trained counsellors and special educators offer support in home-schooling -the alternate teaching method and at designated schools to meet their educational agenda and keeping with the needs of each student.


Dedicated self-empowering programs based on personalized counselling for                 emotional release and conflict resolution, conducted by psychologists. These programs

are designed to facilitate behavior change by enhancing coping skills. 


The program offers a platform that encourages sharing of thoughts, display of expressions and ultimately achieving positive mindset in independently dealing with day-to-day life situations. 

Our relationship counsellors offer support on concerns around mother-child , spouse, employer-employee conflicts and friendship issues. Our career guidance professionals conduct assessments and provide assistance in choosing the best options matching skillsets and interests. 

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